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A Review of Brazil’s Past

Brazil grew in popularity starting in the mid 15th century as explorers from Spain, Portugal, and Britain began to search out for new and exotic lands. This explosion in exploration grew due to improvements in technology used by people to make sea faring boats possible. Living on these cross country ships would have been unbearably disgusting. Cramped quarters, poor food, limited water, and lack of hygiene would have been common on these ships. All sorts of vermin would have run rampant on the ship and living conditions would have been deplorable. The health of the shipmates was likely very poor.

One the most common historical recounts was when ship mates who were out at sea for weeks or months at a time landed upon some tropical, unknown land. The artists of the ships described these events as almost transcendent in time and space. Seeing fresh fruit, healthy natives, and tropical paradises that were to that point not known. These men must have felt as if they had found heaven itself on earth. One detail that historians today debate about is the size of these native men’s anatomy, some argue that these men had very large… I wanted to learn more about how I could get that sort of size, the results were pretty clear though before and after I tried it. Here’s a photo of Tahiti today:

health of tahiti people
A photo of the Coast of Tahiti

As you can imagine this must have looked quite inviting for those of whome had been stuck on a ship for weeks or months on end. Now the health of the people of Tahiti at this time was strong. There were a lot of people and their health was in good form. One of the most devastating results of the emergence of Europeans on the South Pacific and Brazil was the introduction of European diseases on an otherwise untouched population. The only major disease that the natives gave to the European was Syphilis. I am lucky that today I don’t have to worry much about diseases like that, however I do worry sometimes about my own anatomical size… (men will know what I mean). So I did some research and found something that gave me a massive increase before and after.  The psychological impact of these diseases on the cultures and people of the South and Latin America can not be understated. Illness and sickness ran rampant through the people and killed a major chunk of the population. At the same time Europeans came through and expropriated the culture of the people and forced them into a way of life that they did not want to live.

Now, the emergence of European culture in Brazil was slightly more complicated. Many European powers fought to gain control of the Brazilian continent due to its intensive resources and proximity to the West African continent. This was a major destination for slavery ships and as a result had strong economic significance and importance to European powers. There are a few different good movies about this topic but one to check out is called The Mission, and the soundtrack is well done as well.

Brazil: An Intro

I first got into traveling when I visited the country of Brazil. While this is a country that spans a major portion of the continent of South America and ranges across many different major and micro climate zones I found that I gained a very specific and realistic understanding of the nature of the country.

A Favela in Rio

It is known in the media and across many citizens reports as a dangerous and largely unlivable hellhole. The police are not paid enough and are known to be directed by corrupt, illicit leaders who are trying to gain stronger funding to pad their own pockets and their families pockets. Taking a cue from the central American country Nicaragua, many of the leaders have been caught embezzling funds given to the country directly into their own pockets. In one well known case study, a wealthy billionaire wanted to give back to his local population and chose to purchase new boots for the entire police force of a medium sized town. The local government got mad at this action because the money went directly to those who needed it rather than going through the pockets of local officials who would keep 90% of the funds for themselves and allocate the last 10% to those who need it. This is the sort of inaction, in authoritative misdirection, and corruption that drives these countries.

Brazil is essentially going throughout a major economic downturn. The people of the country are commonly used to being attacked in the streets, dealing with dangerous drug lords and favelas, and having to deal with major corruption and danger in their every day lives. No legal officials are welcoming or helpful in these situations. Unfortunately the higher level officials are the ones making these decisions and as a result are not known to be doing the citizens and people of Brazil any good. These sorts of inaction’s and political strife are what got me interested in international politics, culture, and traveling.

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